Rugby Mania III


Rugby Mania 3 – May 11th 2013

The third annual RugbyMania hosted by the Assassins Rugby Football Club will be taking place at Maple Grove Rugby Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada followed by a social @ Republic.


Time: Saturday, May 11th · 9:30am

This year’s event will be 7s format, with both men’s and women’s divisions for competitive teams or tight five players.  For inquiries or to register your team email Cole at

Location: Maple Grove Rugby Park

  • Men’s and women’s competition will be 7 a side competitive and fun divisions.
  • The morning will feature youth rugby events.
  • Senior registration will begin at 9:30am with senior games starting at 10am.
  • Cost is $15 per player and includes a ticket to the always delightful social held later in the evening.
  • Any inquiries can be directed by email to Cole Hunt

Saturday night’s festivities will be held at Republic. Playing in the tournament gets you in the door for free and full access to the private VIP room, as well as the bar and DJ that go along with it. Didn’t play? No worries, tickets are only $10 at the door between 9pm-1am. The social theme will be “Saints and Sinners” to go along with our Sevens Heaven tournament. Interpret that however you choose!

Hope to see everyone on Saturday for a full day of fun in the sun, followed by the shameless partying I know all of you are more than capable of!


One Response to “Rugby Mania III”

  1. paul Harland says:

    Great that you are putting this on again. We just found out and hopefully the Saracen Women will be able to send a team again this year.

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